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Aljoscha Rompe

From RammWiki
Aljoscha Rompe
CAE / IPI:00214323316 (Rompe, Alexander)
Birth:20 October 1947
Berlin-Buch, Germany
Death:23 November 2000(2000-11-23) (aged 53)
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Former member of:Feeling 14
Feeling B

Arthur Alexander "Aljoscha" Rompe (20 October 1947 in Berlin-Buch – 23 November 2000 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg) was the lead singer of the East German band Feeling B.


Aljoscha's mother, an interpreter, emigrated with her father, Arthur Baumgarten, from Swiss to East-Berlin, shortly before his birth. Rompe was born as Arthur Alexander Jessen. His father was Swiss actor Jörn Jessen. According to Aljoscha's aunt, he knew of his father but did not have contact to him, and he did not pay alimony for Aljoscha. Other sources say that he learned about his father after his death in 1975.

He made first contact to the music scene when he started to work as a driver and audio technician for bands like Faible, Vulcan, Monokel and Drudenfuß in 1974. He founded a sessionband called Feeling 14 in the 70s, which was called after the address of Rompe's flat back then, which was located in the Metzer Straße 14. According to Paul Landers the lyrics for songs like Hopla He and Mix mir einen Drink originated from that time. Other people say, that the lyrics for Du wirst den Gipfel nie erreichen also were written during that time.

In March 1983 he founded the band Feeling Berlin, which was renamed to Feeling B, because a band with that name already existed. Together with Paul Landers and Flake he recorded three albums. The band became the first band to release a punk rock album on the German Democratic Republic's own music label AMIGA. They disbanded in 1994 and played their last concert on 20 May 1994.

Aljoscha died of asthma in November 2000.