Der Tastenficker: An was ich mich so erinnern kann (book)

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Der Tastenficker: An was ich mich so erinnern kann is the official autobiography of Flake. The book was released on 16.03.2015.



The book will come in two different versions: first and second pressing. The first pressing will be signed by Flake and is limited to (guessed) 10,000 copies. When all these are sold out, the book won't include the autograph and no numbering.

On 25.03.2016 an audio book by Flake was released.


The book is not separated into chapters. It is an ongoing story. Flake doesn't really follow a line while writing, he writes whatever comes to his mind. The book itself has 396 pages. It includes not only stories, but also hundreds of photographs. Also the book contains no names of bands or people. But from the stories you can guess if it is about Feeling B or Rammstein.


Language Title Released Notes
Finnish Kosketinrunkkari – Niin kuin sen satun muistamaan 2016-06-20
Estonian Klahvkamees - Mida ma mäletan 2018-02-08
Hungarian Villanycigány - Minden, vagy legalábbis amire emlékszem 2019-02-22 Different artwork


  • The book is dedicated to Elise. Flake means the piano song by Ludwig van Beethoven, which he hates to play.[1]

Audio book

The audio book for "Der Tastenficker" was released on 22 March 2016 as a digipak.

Der Tastenficker
Der Tastenficker cover
Audio book by Flake
Released: 22 March 2016
Recorded: ROOF Music Studio, Berlin
Genre: Audio book
Label: ROOF Music
Format: CD, Digital
Length: CD 1: 74:18
CD 2: 73:31
CD 3: 75:16
CD 4: 71:35
Total: 294:42
Producer: ROOF Music / Kristine Meierling
Stream / Buy: Spotify


The audio book is read by Flake himself. It comes in a four-panel digipak with an eight pages booklet. The reading was split on to four CDs with a total running time of nearly five hours. Also it is a cut version of the book.