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Emily Ruvidich

From RammWiki
Emily Ruvidich

Emily Ruvidich is a Los Angeles based guitarist.


Hailing from North Carolina, Emily Ruvidich started playing classical piano in first grade, but switched to guitar when she got into rock’n’roll. Her early influences were Queen and Billy Joel, and Ruvidich is the lead guitarist of the Queen cover band Killer Queen. She also has an all-female cover band named Doll Face. In 2016, Ruvidich moved to Los Angeles as she was accepted into the bachelor program at Musicians’ Institute for guitar. After about a year, she decided to leave the program as she got a lot of opportunities to play and get paid for it. Ruvidich later went on to study astrophysics at California State University Northridge, but she is currently a full-time musician.

Connection with Till Lindemann

Emily Ruvidich is the guitarist of Till Lindemann Band.