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Happy Straps

From RammWiki
Happy Straps
Origin:Berlin, German Democratic Republic
Active:1984 - 1986
Genre:Punk Rock

Happy Straps was a German Democratic Republic rock band that existed from 1984 to 1986.


The recordings for the first record started in March of 1985. They invited Flake as a guest musician to play on some songs with his Casio keyboard. The second record was recorded the same year in March and December and also featured Flake as guest. It was later released sometime in 1986.

In early 1986, Paul Landers joined the band. Four new songs were recorded until the end of April 1986. It is not known if these songs were ever released or if Paul and Flake were featured on them. Shortly after recording those songs, Heinemann left the band and Happy Straps was disbanded. A new band called Reuters was created, but they never released any songs and didn't feature any Rammstein members. Both records from Happy Straps were re-released on CD in 2005.[1]