Phuketgrad (film)

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Phuketgrad is a German-Austrian comedy movie, that is currently in pre-production and will be shot in winter 2019 in Thailand, Germany and Russia.


Phuket, the sunny peninsula where Germans and Russians like to spend their holidays, serves as a beautiful backdrop for a fast-paced, hilarious comedy where two machos and two different cultures collide.
Robert, recently divorced, is in trouble. He needs money and he needs it fast. When an opportunity for a business deal in Thailand arises, he travels to Phuket with Leon, his sulking teenage son. There he meets Vitali, a boisterous Russian businessman, who quickly turns into Robert’s personal nemesis. Vitali came for the same deal, together with his mistress Tatjana. But when Vitali’s wife Olga and his daughter Nastya unexpectedly show up, things get really dicey. Always quick on his feet, Robert pretends that Tatjana is his girlfriend. Vitali grudgingly accepts but a fuming Tatjana calls for sweet revenge. The competition between these two machos rises to a new level. Eventually the women outsmart them, their scheme blows up and the business deal with the sleazy and dangerous Thanawat goes awry. Just then Leon and Nastya, who have fallen in love, go missing. In an action-packed, roller-coaster finale Robert and Vitali have to set their egos and their differences aside in order to rescue their children and also to find true love. It’s the beginning of an extraordinary friendship...




  • Christof Weigold[3]
  • Dmitriy Minaev
  • Ivan Novikov
  • Alexander van Dülmen
  • Stephan Wagner
  • Elisabeth Burghardt




  • Alexander van Dülmen
  • Stephan Wagner

Production company

  • carte blanche International


  • Warner Bros. Germany
  • A Company Hungary


  • Warner Bros. Germany
  • 20th Century Fox Russia