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It all began in the second half of 2010 (not exactly sure when). Admin was browsing different fanpages of Rammstein for the information he searched for. Just the thought, that none of these websites have all the information on the band, was the spark for RammWiki. If there is no website like this, you have to build one yourself! And that's how it all started.

The first thing to think about was: how should that website look like? An early idea (and even fully designed) was a standard website with all the information on it. Run with WordPress. But that idea was very early dismissed. I found out that there is a software called "MediaWiki", which is the original Wikipedia software and it was free! But first a good server host had to be found. Over time Byethost and CwSurf did not work for the project, since the servers had a lot of downtime (well, they were for free and had adverts displayed over the website, too). The Wiki was first mentioned openly in October 2010 in the forum of Rammstein Austria. For the time being on CwSurf, the Wiki also had a splash page. And as you can see it was originally planned to create two different Wikis: German and English (and as you might know already: this has never been done). While the Wiki was in German at first, that quickly changed to English, to appeal more fans of the band to visit the website.

Later a trustworthy host was found and it was started all over again (for the third time) from scratch. And this time we were serious! The outcome is what you see right now: the biggest Rammstein encyclopedia on the web!

Over the years we found a lot of information that has been unknown before. We corrected concert dates, were able to tell if concerts took place or not, found out about unknown dates, cities or venues. We found previously unknown versions of songs, never before seen demo tapes, logos and much more. Also we released lyrics, that were not available anywhere else before. And we're still going strong!

On to the next 10 years.