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Sandy Beaches

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Sandy Beaches


Sandy Beaches was once a highly celebrated, but now disgraced adult actress. Before her fall from fame, she was known for her groundbreaking performances in her own highly fetishized, unique brand of pornography.

Having had a very hard time recovering from a crippling crystal meth addiction, she holds the world record for most membrum viriles inside a human mouth at one single time. Sadly, this stunt left Sandy with no control over the muscles in her face that allow her to smile. In a committed effort to "put on a happy face", she was outfitted for a paralyzing and hideous contraption to keep her mouth open ever since, which she refuses to be seen in public without.

It is rumored that Sandy began playing drums during a 3 year stint of incarceration for prostitution from 1994-1997 in Riker's Island correctional facility in Flushing NY, using nothing more than pots and pans from the prison's kitchen. Unfortunately Sandy had to sit out the band's first show in Israel to say her final goodbyes to her once estranged grandmother, actress Betty White, as she finally slipped into the beyond.

Connection with Till Lindemann

Sandy Beaches is the drummer of Till Lindemann Band.