Jes Paige

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Jes Paige

Jes Paige is a guitarist, actor, and tattoo model from New York City.


Jes Paige attended Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, where she studied drama, and she has studied guitar under legendary guitar greats Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. As a close friend of Joe Letz, Paige has been working silently on a secret project with him for years. The duo has been caught showcasing the new material at unannounced and private underground gigs around NYC, and has had several notable people on stage with them, including Matt McJunkins of A Perfect Circle and Poppy, Monte Pittman of Madonna and Ministry, and Attila Csihar of black metal pioneers Mayhem. Paige is also rumored to be an active touring fill-in for a certain masked supergroup, though this has never been confirmed officially.

Connection with Till Lindemann

Jes Paige is the guitarist of Till Lindemann Band.