A Journey Into Sound IV Tape 1 (sampler)

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A Journey Into Sound IV Tape 1 is a compilation sampler, released by Visions! Magazine in 1995 on cassette.

A Journey Into Sound IV Tape 1
A Journey Into Sound IV Tape 1 cover
Released: 1995
Genre: Rock & Pop
Label: Visions Magazine
Format: MC


This sampler contains a large number of tracks, but most importantly, it includes the full 5-minute version of the demo of Rammstein, and is the only release aside from Time For A Cut - 12 Natural Born Thrillers where this demo has been found thus far.

From the information written on this tape's artwork, it has been made apparent that Herzeleid was originally going to be named Rammstein. This explains why early Rammstein demo tapes were named Rammstein instead of Herzeleid.


Standard album
  1. Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity
  2. MC 900 Ft Jesus - But If You Go (Edit)
  3. Pittbull - Pig
  4. Thirty Dirty Birdz - Mr. Tom B.
  5. Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos - Image
  6. Channel Zero - Suck My Energy
  7. Schweisser - Ich Bin Du
  8. Juster - Remember That Night
  9. Sharon Stoned - Out Door Type
  10. Disco - Such A Drag
  11. Salad - Drink The Elixier
  12. A Subtle Plague - I Seperate
  13. Sun - Stolen
  14. Cold Water Flat - Magnetic North Pole
  15. Engines of Aggression - We All Fall Down
  16. Trouble - Plastic Green Head
  17. Shihad - Debs Night Out
  18. Fresh Familee - Ahmed Gunduz II (Albumohnepiepsversion)
  19. The Dons - Crazy Game
  20. Steak Knife - My Zombie Girl
  21. Phantoms of Future - Crackin' Up
  22. Rancho Diablo - Can I
  23. Strapping Young Lad - S.Y.L.
  24. Optimum Wound Profile - Idol Spiel
  25. Rammstein - Rammstein (Demo)
  26. Axe Of Gore - The Ballad Of Kurt Cobain