Amazonas (book)

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Amazonas (full title: Amazonas: Reise zum Río Yavarí) is a book by Till Lindemann and Joey Kelly. It was released on 25 November 2020.


Joey Kelly and Till Lindemann sail in a narrow canoe on the Amazonas through Brazil and defy the rough nature.

Missing poem

First pictures provided to retailers included one page with a poem, that's completely missing from the final book. Instead the page has no green box on it at all, just the photo. While the picture of the page with the box is still online, the poem has been removed.


Page Chapter
1 Er-/Bekenntnis
8 Im selben Boot (Interview by Thorsten Zahn)
25 Es geht mir gut
35 Carmen
36 Freies, wildes Land (by Hervé Neukomm)
53 Hohe Zeit
58 Klare Zeichen
64 Berühren
80 Sie kommt nicht mehr
98 Menschen und Mythen (by Katharina Nickoleit)
115 Ich bin traurig
118 Blick
134 Der Fluss (Portrait by Klaus Viedebantt)
166 Prataamaan
173 Du musst
182 Amazonas
200 Es ist so
202 Veränderungen (by Katharina Nickoleit & Klaus Viedebantt)
210 Te amo
233 Zu lieben
236 Stille


  • The poems Er-/Bekenntnis and Amazonas are sourced from two different verses of the previously released poem Mexiko off the Liebe ist für alle da book by Rammstein.