American Made Music to Strip By (album)

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American Made Music to Strip By
American Made Music to Strip By cover
Studio album
Released: 26 October 1999
Genre: Metal
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png

American Made Music to Strip By is the first remix album released by American musician Rob Zombie.


Rammstein remixed the song "Spookshow Baby". The remix is called Black Leather Cat Suit Remix.


Standard album

  1. Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix) - 04:37
  2. Superbeast (Porno Holocaust Mix) - 03:58
  3. How to Make a Monster (Kitty's Purrrrformance Mix) - 04:02
  4. Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction Mix) - 04:09
  5. Spookshow Baby (Black Leather Cat Suit Mix) - 04:35
  6. Demonoid Phenomenon (Sin Lives Mix) - 04:36
  7. The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore" (Ilsa She-Wolf Of Hollywood Mix) - 05:38
  8. What Lurks on Channel X? (XXX Mix) - 04:07
  9. Meet The Creeper (Pink Pussy Mix) - 04:47
  10. Return Of The Phantom Stranger (Tuesday Night At The Chop Shop Mix) - 03:32
  11. Superbeast (Girl On A Motorcycle Mix) - 03:49
  12. Meet The Creeper (Brute Man & Wonder Girl Mix) - 03:45