Atlantis Demos (demo)

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Atlantis Demos is a demo tape by the band Feeling B. It was released some time in the early 90s.

Atlantis Demos
Demo cassette tape by Feeling B


This demo was distributed by the label Heimat Kassetten and was limited to 10 numbered copies. It is not exactly known if the tape was released in 1993, but it's a guess from the catalogue number of the tape: HK 26. And it is known that HK 24 (Die Art - Schall & Rauch) was released in 1993. Four copies of this tape are known to still exist. Those are numbers 3, 4, 6 and 7.

Both songs were later included (in different versions) in the compilation Grün & Blau.


  1. Herzschrittmacherrhythmus (Demo) - 04:47
  2. Langeweile (Demo) - 04:53