Bakschisch For Burundi (song)

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Bakschisch For Burundi
Song by Herbst in Flake

Bakschisch For Burundi is the sixth song on the compilation Systemausfall - Ostsampler. The song was recorded by Herbst in Flake.


  • This is the only known song by the band Herbst in Flake.
  • It is a cover of the Herbst in Peking song Baksheesh For Burundi.
  • The booklet of the compilation noted this in the booklet:[1]
Ein kühler Wind bläst ein paar trockene Blätter über's Mischpult. Flake, der berühmteste Haarklammernhersteller der Bakschischrepublik und Rex, der langjährigste Langhaar-Kiffer des Universums pressen einen schlichten Reggae-Rhythmus durch die Hallkammern der Stasi-Zentrale. Tanz die Sub-Version!
A cold wind blows a few dry leafs over the mixing console. Flake, the most known hair clip producer of the Bakschisch Republic and Rex, the longest long haired pothead of the universe let an easy reggae rhythm flow through the hallways of the Stasi HQ. Dance the sub-version!
  • "Bakschisch" comes from the Persian language (بخشش‎) and means "gift". But in east-Germany the word "Bakschisch" was a slang word for "bribe money".
  • This song was re-recorded for Systemausfall - Ostsampler. The original version of this song can be found on an unknown mono-tape.[2]


According to Flake, the original version of this song was much better than this one. Rex Joswig from Herbst in Peking asked Flake to put the song on an album. To do this, they went to the studio to record a new take. Sadly, they couldn't capture the exact feeling of the original version anymore.[2]


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