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First Arsch

From RammWiki
First Arsch
Origin:Schwerin, German Democratic Republic
Active:1986 - Present
Genre:Punk Rock

First Arsch is one of the bands that Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers have previously played in.


The begining of the band was made on Till's birthday party in 1986. The bands who were supposed to play there did not have any sound system. So Jörg was able to get a working system for the bands and himself to play on. After Till mentioned to him that he plays drums they decided to play music together. After playing together with a lot of different guitar players Richard joined the band. As a singer they found Stefan Schroer. At the beginning, the band had a lot of guest musicians that played any instrument, like trumpet or something else. The first practice of the band took place in a small house of a railway guard.


For a list of known concerts, see: First Arsch Tour