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Isa (album)

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Isa is an album by French singer Zaz. It was released on 22 October 2021.

Album by Zaz
Released:22 October 2021
Format:CD, Vinyl, Digital


The album was announced on 27 August 2021, via Zaz's official social media channels.[1] It was also made available for pre-order that day. The German website JPC showed the full tracklist of the album and also mentioned Till Lindemann as a featured guest for the song Le jardin des larmes,[2] while that info had not yet been shared on any official Zaz channel.

The Special Edition of the album comes with a bonus CD, which includes the instrumentals of the album, as well as one bonus track. The Special Edition is also available with a signed lithography, which is signed by Zaz. This edition is limited to 300 pieces.[3]


Standard album
  1. Les jours heureux
  2. Imagine
  3. De couleurs vives
  4. Ce que tu es dans ma vie
  5. Tout là-haut
  6. Il faut qu’on se donne
  7. Exister
  8. À perte de rue
  9. Comme tu voudras
  10. Avec son frère
  11. Le jardin des larmes (feat. Till Lindemann)
  12. Le chant des grives
  13. Et le reste
Bonus tracks

Special edition CD 2:

  1. Serendipia
  2. Les jours heureux (Instrumental)
  3. Imagine (Instrumental)
  4. De couleurs vives (Instrumental)
  5. Ce que tu es dans ma vie (Instrumental)
  6. Tout là-haut (Instrumental)
  7. Il faut qu’on se donne (Instrumental)
  8. Exister (Instrumental)
  9. À perte de rue (Instrumental)
  10. Comme tu voudras (Instrumental)
  11. Avec son frère (Instrumental)
  12. Le jardin des larmes (Instrumental)
  13. Le chant des grives (Instrumental)
  14. Et le reste (Instrumental)