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Lady Revolver (album)

From RammWiki

Lady Revolver is an album by Russ and the Velvets. It was released in 2010.

Lady Revolver
Label:JMG Records

Connection to Rammstein

In 1994, Till Lindemann recorded vocals for the song That's Me; the eleventh track on this album. This is the first English recording of Till during his time in Rammstein. The song can't be found on digital versions of the album, it's only available on the CD.


Standard album
  1. Schöner fremder Mann
  2. Soma Koma (feat. Schnietz)
  3. Ich will mich verlieben
  4. Lady Revolver
  5. Bootshaus
  6. Sugarboy
  7. Lipsi Babe
  8. I Love You (feat. Momo)
  9. Back To Me
  10. Sex mit mir
  11. That's Me (feat. Till Lindemann) - 04:12
  12. Daddy Hello
  13. Schöner fremder Mann