Magnetband (demo)

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Magnetband is a demo by Feeling B (NOTE: "Magnetband" is NOT the title of this demo. It is made up, since the demo has no known title.)

Magnetband cover
Demo album by Feeling B
Released: 19??
Genre: Punk


The exact recording date of this demo is unknown. The song Grün & Blau is released in a 1983 version of the compilation of the same name. It is known that a 1986 recorded version of Unsichtbar exists. So this demo could be from 1983 or 1986. Then a different recording of Grün & Blau would also exist.

Aside from the 4-Track Demo, this is the only known release to include the song Unsichtbar. Also this demo is the only known one to include the song So egal.


Standard album
  1. Unsichtbar
  2. So egal
  3. Grün & Blau