Mein Land (book)

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Mein Land is a book by Rammstein about the video shoot of the same name.

Mein Land
Mein Land cover
Released: 23 March 2012
Label: self released
Format: Softcover
Price: 12.90€[1]
9.90€[1] (LIFAD)


The book includes a lot of photos and information about surfing. All its content is in a very humoristic style. It includes pages about the monster in the video, about shark attacks since 1580 and a lot more. Also included are a lot of photos from behind the scenes of the video shoot. As a little extra six postcards are included.


Page Chapter
4 Das Set
The location
9 Wellenreiten
Riding the waves
19 Die Crew
The crew
27 The Shaping Bay
35 Unterwassergefahren
Under water threats
47 Band
57 Beach Party
75 Lonely Hearts Club
89 Metal Luau