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Mein Land (video)

From RammWiki

Mein Land is the first music video off the compilation album Made in Germany by Rammstein.

Mein Land
Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Mein Land
Shoot:23 May 2011
Location:Sycamore Beach, Malibu
Director:Jonas Åkerlund
Premiere:11 November 2011 (
Rammstein music video chronology
Haifisch Mein Land Mein Herz brennt (Piano Version)


Video facts

  • The video was shot in 24 hours during the 2011 North American leg of Liebe ist für alle da Tour on Sycamore Beach in Malibu, where Jonas Åkerlund lives.[1]
  • The idea to shoot a video stylized like the old productions came from Jonas Åkerlund.[1]
  • At first they wanted to shoot a video inspired by the 1950s, but then the colors wouldn't have been as flashy and colorful.[1]
  • It was Jonas' idea that the band would wear shirts like The Beach Boys, they liked the idea because, as they claim, they have full confidence in him.[1]
  • The band always wanted to shoot a video on the beach with girls like rappers, Schneider said "now we know why they're doing it, because it's just a lot of fun".[1]
  • Schneider said he'd never forget that day, because it's the best video they've ever had.[1]
  • The video deliberately breaks with the traditional "gothic-industrial" image of the band, Till claimed it was hilarious and that only Jonas was able to force them to smile all day, dance, dress them in Hawaiian shirts and "terrible, yellow swimming trunks".[1]
  • Flake said it was hard to make a video for a song like Mein Land, because people always think about something political when you translate the lyrics literally; they are really boring, so they tried to give them a new meaning with the video.[1]
  • Flake said that making a video with girls was like "going back to school, like taking gym classes with girls, it makes the embarrassing situation even more embarrassing, it was even worse when the girls looked at you" and he would prefer to shoot scenes separately, first with the band, and then with the girls.[1]
  • The "concert" scenes were shot to show the contrast between the "joyful" scenes shot during the day and the "wild party" at night.[1]
  • The band was covered with a special paint to give them the authenticity of having a "california tan".[1]
  • The band grew up watching "Baywatch" with David Hasselhoff, which is reflected in the video.[1]
  • 40 girls participated in the video.[1]