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The beginning
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Admin is a higher being, floating around through Space and Time. Admin is the Beginning and the End. Admin created Earth, God and the Universe. Nobody has ever seen Admin in person, as he is a bodyless entity, speaking through other beings by possessing their bodies.


Admin was there at the Beginning of everything. Before there was Earth, Light or God. Then Admin created the Universe. Also he created God to serve as his employee. And to pass annoying tasks on to someone else.


Of course Admin visited all concerts on this planet. Since humanity finally figured out how to build instruments. Asked about this, Admin says: "That took a really long time, let me tell ya. I thought that humanity would progress faster than it actually did, but well, that's how it is." He sounds disappointed.

But from all the millions of concerts he visited, these are the ones he likes to think about the most:

Rammstein/Lindemann/Flake/Till Lindemann

Band Support Date City Country
Flic Flac: Freaks 2.0 31.10.2020 Berlin de.png
Rammstein Duo Jatekok 15.05.2022 Prague cz.png
Rammstein Duo Jatekok 16.05.2022 Prague cz.png
Rammstein Duo Jatekok 18.06.2022 Düsseldorf de.png
Rammstein Duo Jatekok 19.06.2022 Düsseldorf de.png
Rammstein Abélard 03.08.2022 Ostend be.png
Rammstein Abélard 04.08.2022 Ostend be.png
Till Lindemann 22.11.2022 Prague cz.png
Flake Lea Streisand 11.02.2023 Leipzig de.png
Flic Flac: Freaks 2.0 08.04.2023 Berlin de.png
Rammstein Abélard 10.06.2023 Munich de.png
Rammstein Abélard 07.07.2023 Groningen nl.png
Rammstein Abélard 15.07.2023 Berlin de.png
Rammstein Abélard 16.07.2023 Berlin de.png
Rammstein Abélard 18.07.2023 Berlin de.png
Till Lindemann Phantom Vision
Aesthetic Perfection
08.11.2023 Leipzig de.png
Till Lindemann Phantom Vision
Aesthetic Perfection
10.11.2023 Düsseldorf de.png
Till Lindemann Phantom Vision
Aesthetic Perfection
12.11.2023 Münster de.png
Till Lindemann Phantom Vision
Aesthetic Perfection
17.11.2023 Frankfurt de.png
Till Lindemann Phantom Vision
Aesthetic Perfection
18.11.2023 Kassel de.png
Till Lindemann Phantom Vision
Aesthetic Perfection
20.12.2023 Paris fr.png

Other bands

Date Venue City Country Bands
02.08.2010 –
Wacken Open Air Wacken Germany de.png Arch Enemy, Caliban, Dew-Scented, Edguy, Fear Factory, Gojira, Immortal
22.12.2010 MTC Cologne Germany de.png Legacy Of Vydar, Soulbound, Syranic
18.07.2011 Blue Shell Cologne Germany de.png A Saint In Sinners Eyes, Deus.exe, Neverland In Ashes
04.12.2011 ISS Dome Düsseldorf Germany de.png Deathstars, Rammstein
02.08.2012 –
Wacken Open Air Wacken Germany de.png Warbringer, Endstille, Betontod, Scorpions, Testament
28.09.2012 Jugendzentrum Astra Goch Germany de.png Expect The Unexpected, Never Grown Up
22.08.2013 Stade de France Paris France fr.png Slaughterhouse, OFWGKTA, Kendrick Lamar, Kon Artis, Eminem
27.03.2014 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen Germany de.png Sudden, Battleboi Basti, Alligatoah
18.07.2014 Halde Norddeutschland Kamp-Lintfort Germany de.png Annihilator
13.05.2015 Palladium Cologne Germany de.png Farin Urlaub Racing Team
16.03.2016 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf Germany de.png Flexis, K.I.Z
08.04.2016 Don't Panic Essen Germany de.png Beating Signal
09.07.2016 Waldbühne Berlin Germany de.png Peaches, Rammstein
28.01.2017 Helvete Oberhausen Germany de.png U-Manoyed
11.04.2017 Turock Essen Germany de.png Next To None, The Algorithm, Haken
02.06.2017 Rock am Ring Nürburg Germany de.png Five Finger Death Punch, Broilers, Drunken Masters, MGK, The Raven Age, Dat Adam, Die Toten Hosen, Kaiser Franz Josef, Code Orange, Gojira, Marteria, System Of A Down, Macklemore, Rammstein
14.09.2017 Lanxess Arena Cologne Germany de.png Kvelertak, Metallica
10.11.2017 Westfalenhalle 1 Dortmund Germany de.png Fatoni, Casper
30.01.2018 Palladium Cologne Germany de.png While She Sleeps, Counterparts, Architects
15.04.2018 Trix Zaal Borgerhout Belgium be.png Venom Prison, Power Trip, Trivium
22.04.2018 Thalia Theater Hamburg Germany de.png Hänsel und Gretel
05.05.2018 Lanxess Arena Cologne Germany de.png "The World Of Hans Zimmer"
09.11.2018 Live Music Hall Cologne Germany de.png Plini, Between The Buried And Me (Tesseract had to cancel)
06.04.2019 Matrix Bochum Germany de.png Exfeind, This Eternal Decay, Samsas Traum
24.05.2019 Veltins-Arena Gelsenkirchen Germany de.png Rammstein
27.05.2019 Veltins-Arena Gelsenkirchen Germany de.png Duo Jatekok, Rammstein
29.06.2019 RheinEnergieStadion Cologne Germany de.png Andy Burrows, The Amazons, Muse
10.07.2019 King Baudouin Stadium Brussels Germany be.png Duo Jatekok, Rammstein
20.07.2019 Roeser Festival Grounds Roeser Luxembourg lu.png Duo Jatekok, Rammstein
12.10.2019 Sioux-Dakota-Club Düsseldorf Germany de.png Beating Signal
06.02.2020 Palladium Cologne Germany de.png Aesthetic Perfection, Jadu, Lindemann
09.02.2020 Matrix Bochum Germany de.png This Eternal Decay, Samsas Traum
21.09.2020 SparkassenPark Mönchengladbach Germany de.png Ghost Iris, Æries, Jinjer
08.11.2020 TUI Arena Hanover Germany de.png Die Ärzte
13.11.2020 Lanxess Arena Cologne Germany de.png Die Ärzte
25.11.2021 E-Werk Cologne Germany de.png Broilers
07.12.2021 Lichtburg Essen Germany de.png Broilers
04.02.2022 Essigfabrik Essen Germany de.png Haken
28.03.2022 Palladium Cologne Germany de.png Kid Kapichi, Black Honey, Nothing But Thieves
19.04.2022 Lanxess Arena Cologne Germany de.png Twin Temple, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Ghost
07.05.2022 Schokoladen Berlin Germany de.png Die Ärzte
04.06.2022 RheinEnergieStadion Cologne Germany de.png Adam Angst, Die Ärzte
23.06.2022 Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle Mönchengladbach Germany de.png Tahnee
25.06.2022 Merkur-Spiel-Arena Düsseldorf Germany de.png Beatsteaks, Die Toten Hosen (+ Die Ärzte, Marteria)
09.07.2022 Stadion Essen Essen Germany de.png Fever333, Social Distortion, Broilers
23.07.2022 –
Amphi Festival Cologne Germany de.png Nachtblut, Rome, Heldmaschine, Aesthetic Perfection, Samsas Traum, Eisbrecher
30.07.2022 Rudolf-Weber-Arena Oberhausen Germany de.png Bleed From Within, Jinjer, Tesseract, Meshuggah, Slipknot
31.07.2022 Rudolf-Weber-Arena Oberhausen Germany de.png The Dead Daisies, Judas Priest
11.08.2022 Radialsystem Berlin Germany de.png Shining (NOR)
17.09.2022 The Tube Düsseldorf Germany de.png A Kew's Tag, The Hirsch Effekt
29.09.2022 Südbrücke Cologne Germany de.png Kraftklub
30.09.2022 König-Pilsener-Arena Oberhausen Germany de.png The Halo Effect, Machine Head
14.10.2022 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf Germany de.png Casseyette, Simple Plan, Sum41
29.10.2022 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf Germany de.png Unto Others, Carcass, Behemoth
05.11.2022 Rare Guitar Münster Germany de.png Samsas Traum
10.11.2022 Eloria Bottrop Germany de.png Samsas Traum
11.11.2022 Druckluftkammer Koblenz Germany de.png Samsas Traum
19.11.2022 Jugendhaus Eule Dresden Germany de.png Samsas Traum
26.11.2022 Kantine am Berghain Berlin Germany de.png Jadu
22.12.2022 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf Germany de.png Broilers
23.12.2022 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf Germany de.png Broilers
20.01.2023 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf Germany de.png Malevolence, Obituary, Trivium, Heaven Shall Burn
21.01.2023 Porsche-Arena Stuttgart Germany de.png Jan Böhmermann & das Rundfunk-Tanzorchester
03.02.2023 Essigfabrik Cologne Germany de.png Frozen Soul, Cabal, Nasty, Dying Fetus
10.02.2023 Columbiahalle Berlin Germany de.png Knorkator
20.03.2023 Bürgerhaus Stollwerck Cologne Germany de.png Cryptodira, Between The Buried And Me, Haken
07.04.2023 Frannz Club Berlin Germany de.png Painbastard, Empathy Test, Aesthetic Perfection
27.04.2023 Johan Cruijff ArenA Amsterdam Netherlands nl.png Architects, Mammoth WVH, Metallica
28.04.2023 Kulttempel Oberhausen Germany de.png Alienare, Empathy Test, Aesthetic Perfection
29.04.2023 Kulttempel Oberhausen Germany de.png Zweite Jugend, Auger, Painbastard, Aesthetic Perfection
09.06.2023 RheinEnerghieStadion Cologne Germany de.png One OK Rock, Royal Blood, Muse
21.08.2023 Gloria Cologne Germany de.png Bad Nerves, The Struts
16.09.2023 Palladium Cologne Germany de.png Die Ärzte
17.09.2023 Palladium Cologne Germany de.png Die Ärzte
01.10.2023 Live Music Hall Cologne Germany de.png Manntra, Universum25
04.10.2023 SO 36 Berlin Germany de.png Manntra, Universum25
13.10.2023 Zeche Carl Essen Germany de.png Faber
05.11.2023 Matrix Bochum Germany de.png Samsas Traum
12.11.2023 Hole⁴⁴ Berlin Germany de.png Samsas Traum
21.11.2023 Live Music Hall Cologne Germany de.png Oomph!
15.12.2023 Matrix Bochum Germany de.png Samsas Traum
22.12.2023 Projekt42 Mönchengladbach Germany de.png Götz Widmann
27.01.2024 Messe+Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland Münster Germany de.png Spiritbox, Loathe, Architects
03.04.2024 Live Music Hall
E-Werk Köln
Cologne Germany de.png Pierce The Veil
20.07.2024 Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen Gelsenkirchen Germany de.png Tankard, Destruction, Sodom, Kreator