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The beginning

Member of: RammWiki, Chairman of the club of Gods

Admin is a higher being, floating around through Space and Time. Admin is the Beginning and the End. Admin created Earth, God and the Universe. Nobody has ever seen Admin in person, as he is a bodyless entity, speaking through other beings by possessing their bodies.


Admin was there at the Beginning of everything. Before there was Earth, Light or God. Then Admin created the Universe. Also he created God to serve as his employee. And to pass annoying tasks on to someone else.


Of course Admin visited all concerts on this planet. Since humanity finally figured out how to build instruments. Asked about this, Admin says: "That took a really long time, let me tell ya. I thought that humanity would progress faster than it actually did, but well, that's how it is." He sounds disappointed.

But from all the millions of concerts he visited, these are the ones he likes to think about the most:

Also the concerts he is looking forward to the most are: