Vic Firth SCS Signature

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Vic Firth SCS Signature
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Used by:Christoph Schneider

Vic Firth SCS Signature is the signature drum stick by Schneider, manufactured by Vic Firth. The sticks can be bought in the official RammsteinShop.


Christoph is the drummer and founding member of the band, Rammstein, named by Billboard magazine as Germany’s most successful band. With countless awards and millions of records sold, Rammstein has performed more than 400 concerts in over 35 countries worldwide.

“I have been a big fan of the Vic Firth 2B model,” says Schneider. “It was a great starting point for my new Signature Stick. By taking the 2B and adding thickness to the shaft, neck and tip, I now have a stick that is perfectly suited to my playing approach!”

Crafted in hickory and finished in white, the Christoph Schneider Signature Stick is a thick stick with a short taper and a tear drop tip. At a length of 16 1/4”, the stick packs plenty of punch! Be sure to check out the new Christoph Schneider Signature Stick. With a design that’s as powerful as Christoph’s drumming, you will be sure to love it!


Diameter .645" (1.64cm)
Length 16 1/4" (41.28cm)
General Material: Hickory
Surface coating: Lacquer
Tip Type: Wood
Shape: Tear Drop
Surface area:Large