Wir überleben das Licht

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Johan and Till
©Sandor Lubbe

Wir überleben das Licht (German for We survive the Light) was an exhibition by Flemish artist Johan Tahon. Beside his art, the exhibition also included six exclusive poems by Till Lindemann.


Johan worked with different poets in the past 20 years. But this collaboration marks the first one with a poet, who is also a rockstar. After talking with the creative team at ZOO Magazine, the team told him about the idea to work with Till, because they thought that both of their styles of art exhibited a resemblence to one another, and had a very strong connection. The name of the exhibition is also the name of one of Till's poems. Johan felt inspired by it and took it as the name for the exhibition.

The exhibition could be seen from January 26th till December 2nd 2018.[2]

Press release

WIR ÜBERLEBEN DAS LICHT presents new and existing works by Johan Tahon (1965, Menen, Belgium). His monumental sculptures are constructed from a combination of different materials: plaster and ceramics, ceramics and bronze, and bronze and plaster. Tahon likes the combination of tangibility and spirituality, believing that this link forms a necessary completeness. The ceramic work is remarkable for the way it is bathed in glaze, lending it a ritual character in Johan's eyes. Cut-outs, perforations and distortions refer to the deepest psychology. The German musician and poet Till Lindemann, known as the frontman of the band Rammstein, wrote five poems for the occasion, inspired by Tahon's work, which will also be shown in Tahon's exhibition in the Bonnefantenmuseum.



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