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mOBSCENE (song)

From RammWiki

mOBSCENE is a song by Marilyn Manson.


  • The Sauerkraut Remix was created by Paul Landers and Christoph Schneider.
  • The remix was released under different titles: mOBSCENE - Sauerkraut Remix (Rammstein Mix), mOBSCENE (Rammstein Sauerkraut Remix), mOBSCENE - Sauerkraut Remix By Scheider & Landers (Rammstein), and mOBSCENE (Sauerkraut Remix).
  • The remix was mainly released on the single mOBSCENE, but also on Asian versions of "This Is The New Shit" and "Lest We Forget - The Best Of."