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Wacken - Der Film (video)

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Wacken - Der Film
DVD / Blu-ray by Wacken
Producer:Jumpseat, 3DPlus Germany GmbH
Released:24 December 2014
Label:Warner Bros.

Wacken - Der Film is a movie about the world's largest metal festival Wacken Open Air. It was released on 24 December 2014 on DVD and Blu-ray.


The movie was released in three different versions: DVD (2d only), 3d Blu-ray (2d compatible) and as a 3d Blu-ray Steelbook (3d Blu-ray (2d compatible) + Poster + Sticker). The latter was exclusive to German electronic retailer expert.


The song Du hast is shown during the movie. It is a collage of different scenes of the concert that Rammstein played at Wacken.