16 April

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  • The Waidmanns Heil single by Rammstein was released in 2011. The single was released only in the UK by Rammstein's label "Spinefarm Records", for the "Record Store Day 2011".


  • In 2000 Rammstein played an exclusive concert for the FanArea at the Knaack Club in Berlin, Germany. The band was working on the album Mutter, which was nearly played in its entirety (they even played Ohne dich which was considered for the album at that time), only missing Ich will and Nebel. It was first time that all of those songs were performed live; the band wanted to see how the (then new) material would work in a live setting. Most of the songs played at this show subsequently received musical and lyrical changes.
  • In 2013 Rammstein played in Lisbon, Portugal.