16.04.2000 (concert)

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April 16, 2000
Performance by Rammstein
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg
City: Berlin
Venue: Knaack Club
Tour: Sehnsucht Tour
Type: Fanarea Concert
Price: Free
Songs: 11
Recordings: Audio (audience, incomplete) x1
Touring chronology
June 23, 1999 April 16, 2000 April 20, 2000


  • Fanarea members exclusive concert.
  • The first time all of these songs were performed live.
    • Most of the songs played at this show subsequently received musical and lyrical changes.
  • The album Mutter was nearly played in its entirety, only missing Ich will and Nebel.


  1. 5/4 Live debut
  2. Rein raus Live debut
  3. Adios Live debut
  4. Sonne Live debut
  5. Spieluhr Live debut
  6. Mutter Live debut
  7. Mein Herz brennt Live debut
  8. Links 2-3-4 Live debut
  9. Zwitter Live debut
  10. Feuer frei! Live debut
  11. Ohne dich Live debut



  • There is an incomplete audience audio recording of this show lacking the last three songs.


  1. Audio recording
  2. Confirmed by an attendee