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Harley Davidson

From RammWiki
Harley Davidson Motor Company
Motorcycle Manufacturer
Origin:United States
CEO:Matthew Levatich
Active from:1903 - Present

The Harley Davidson Motor Company (also known simply as Harley Davidson) is one of the most successful Motorcycle Manufacturers worldwide.

Connection to Rammstein

On at least two occasions, Rammstein or their members have released media under the company exclusively. The first known is The Video - 6th Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Jamboree '96, a VHS tape featuring various musicians playing different concerts. Recordings of Rammstein, Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? and Du riechst so gut from the 19 July 1996 concert were featured on this tape.

The second relevant release involving Rammstein is Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe's Schtiel; an off-label (unathorized) single made by the request of the CEO of Harley Davidson in Russia for release at their 100th Anniversary event in Moscow, 2003.[1]