Harley Party

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The Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Party 2003 was a ceremonial event which occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) and Moscow, Russia on 30 August 2003. It marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Harley Davidson motor company.

Example of the Harley Party merchandise.

Connection to Rammstein

Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe were invited to the VIP event in Moscow; an invitation was obligatory, and there were many important faces which attended, including members of the Russian metal band Ария. Many items of unique and unusual merchandise were created for the party, all bearing a specific 100th Anniversary logo. One of these items was the mini CD single Schtiel, which Till and Richard had worked on collaboratively, and independent of the rest of Rammstein. The song featured on the CD is a cover of Ария's own song Штиль (Shtil'), and is sung entirely in Russian.

The Ария members which attended the party and received copies of the CD all sold them later on in their online web store. Excess copies of the CD were given to the Russian RoverScan company to be given away as part of a competition on their end.