Schtiel (single)

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Schtiel cover
Released 30.08.2003
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte
Label Self released
Producer Richard Kruspe

Schtiel was released in 2003.


  • The song was recorded by Till and Richard, and is a cover of "Штиль" (Shtil) by the Russian band Ария (Ariya/Aria).
  • The single was released for a Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary event in Moscow, 2003.
  • The single was also released by the RoverScan company in a competition in 2003; the company claimed that 400 or 500 copies were available to win; these CDs are official.
  • The single came only in a 3" (mini CD) format in a digipak.
  • Rammstein received a reprimand from Universal Music (their parent label at the time of recording) for releasing the single; Aria themselves claimed that they disliked the cover.
  • The Aria members who attended the Harley Party sold 3 copies of the single on their online store.



Standard single

  1. Schtiel - 05:10
  2. Miller Beer Commercial - 00:30