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Jacob Hellner

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Born: March 19, 1961 (Age 58)
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Jacob Hellner (born March 19, 1961) is a Swedish music producer who has produced bands like Rammstein, Apocalyptica, and Clawfinger. He is best known for producing nearly every Rammstein album from Herzeleid to Rammstein: Paris, as well as assisting in the production of albums from Rammstein members' side projects Emigrate and Lindemann.


Connection to Rammstein

  • Jacob produced all Rammstein albums. Rammstein got in contact with him after listening to a Clawfinger album in 1994, which was produced by him. After visiting a concert in 1994 he agreed on producing Rammstein.
Du riechst so gut '98 (RMX by Jacob Hellner & Marc Stagg) 04:34 Du riechst so gut '98
Du hast (Remix by Jacob Hellner) 06:44 Du hast
Ich will (UK single)
Made in Germany