Made in Germany (compilation)

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Made In Germany 1995-2011
Made In Germany 1995-2011 cover
Compilation album by Rammstein
Released: 2 December 2011
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Price: 14.90€[1], 19.90€[2], 99.00€[3]
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Stream / Buy: Spotify
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein compilation chronology
Trial By Fire
Made in Germany 1995-2011
Singles from Made in Germany
  1. Mein Land (11 November 2011)
  2. Mein Herz brennt (7 December 2012)

Made In Germany 1995-2011 is the first commercially released best of by Rammstein. It was released on 2 December 2011. The compilation includes songs from every album: Herzeleid (1), Sehnsucht (2), Mutter (5), Reise, Reise (4), Rosenrot (1) and Liebe ist für alle da (2). Additionally it includes one previously unreleased song: Mein Land.



The compilation consists of mostly single-released songs (Mein Herz brennt was not released when the compilation came out). All songs have been remastered for this release and some differ slightly from earlier versions of the songs. The second CD consists of remastered remixes, that are all taken from earlier singles. All remixes have been renamed to include the name of the remixing artist, instead of their real names.

The limited edition of the compilation includes three DVDs with all music videos to the point of its release. Some making of videos were unreleased or produced exclusively for this release.

German Liedgut

Before any official announcements were made, it was rumored that the album would be called "German Liedgut". Feeding those rumors, Pilgrim bought all different possible URLs including these words. For example: (.com) (.org)


In the United States the tracklist of the release was censored. They changed "Pussy" into "P***y".

Also the video for "Pussy" is not included in its hardcore-porn version.

Production mistakes

There were several production mistakes with the super deluxe version of the album. People were able to send their box back to Universal and/or the wrong items, and receive new and corrected items for free. These mistakes were:

  • Some CDs and DVDs were incorrectly sorted, leading to duplication of and/or missing DVD/CDs. Duplicate DVD/CDs can be exchanged.
  • The inner edges of the box have not been deburred and are therefore quite sharp. This was intentional on the part of Universal. Anyone who is bothered by this can also exchange the metal box itself.
  • On some of the boxes there is also evidence of marks and/or printing errors on the box packaging and the metal slipcase. If you discover this error, you can exchange your box or slipcase.
  • There is some evidence of stained cloths. The cloths are there to protect the contents from rust stains, and so are intended to be stained at a later point. Anyone bothered by the current stains can have the cloth exchanged.
  • RAMMSTEIN had intended a different binding to be used on the 240-page photo book, one that allows the book to be opened more easily and lets the photos flow into each other cleanly. The book will therefore be reprinted to the appropriate standard and anyone who wants to can exchange the book.

The next is not a real production mistake, more an information mistake:

  • The Japanese version of the super deluxe box wrote something of "Additional live footage" in the tracklist of DVD 3. That was a mistake and the release got delayed in Japan.


The first mentioning and confirmation of all versions was in an online PDF file by Fontana Distributions. The text in the PDF for the album was the following one:

"SOME BANDS entertain, Rammstein destroy!

The German Industrial Rock stalwarts have released six studio albums, two live albums, and three video albums to date, and show no signs of slowing down. Made In Germany is a compilation of the band's greatest hits and comes in three different formats: standard (one disc), Deluxe (2 discs), and the Super Deluxe Metal Box (2 discs and 3 DVDs).
AS ANY follower of the Rammstein journey knows, it is in the live arena that the band truly connect with their fans. Cue mountains of pyro, flame-throwers, bazookas and enough ordnance to level a small country! This time, the musicians are looking to surpass their already formidable reputation as masters of orchestrated chaos, promising that no-one will leave disappointed ...

Marketing Points: • Press campaign focused on album reviews
• Outdoor marketing campaign to promote the album, including billboards, snipes and more
• US tour confirmed for the spring of 2012
• Online advertising campaign to promote album's release
• Album contains one brand new song, Mein Land.
• A video for that song is already in the can and will launch 4 weeks prior to release. The video was directed by acclaimed director Jonas Åkerlund.
• Monica Seide at Speakeasy PR will handle all press.
• A full metal radio campaign will be handled by The Syndicate with a focus on the new single and giveaways. Commercial active rock specialty shows will also be targeted.
• A 45-minute EPK is being put together and should be released in clips around the release.

• Print ad campaign to launch in magazines like Decibel, Revolver, and more..."

Another promotional step was to send out some packages to webmasters of several fansites. They got a box including masks of Till (one small, one huge one), stickers and other stuff. Another LIFAD website sent out boxes including a banner, three T-Shirts, stencils, sticker. Everyone else, who did not get the package got a digital package (26mb). This included:

  • LIFAD Liebe ist Banner:
    • AI, EPS, PDF
  • Schablone 60x60 (Stencil 60x60):
    • AI, EPS, PDF
  • Sticker Gold auf Schwarz (Sticker gold on black):
    • AI, EPS, PDF
  • Liebe ist Poster Blitz PDF
  • Liebe ist Poster Kreatur PDF
  • Liebe ist Poster Wurst PDF
  • LIFAD Liebe ist Sticker schwarz PDF


The compilation came in three different formats. The first was a single disc version, containing only CD 1, while the second version included two CDs, the second of which only featuring remixes previously released on different singles. The third version is the Deluxe Version, containing both CDs and three additional DVDs, containing the complete video catalogue to that point. It came in a custom metal box, which started to rust after a while.


No head on the back

For the special edition of the album, a misprint did not include any head on the back.


CD 1 (all versions)
  1. Engel - 04:23
  2. Links 2-3-4 - 03:40
  3. Keine Lust - 03:42
  4. Mein Teil - 04:38
  5. Du hast - 03:54
  6. Du riechst so gut - 04:32
  7. Ich will - 03:37
  8. Mein Herz brennt - 04:40
  9. Mutter - 04:28
  10. Pussy - 03:58
  11. Rosenrot - 03:52
  12. Haifisch - 03:42
  13. Amerika - 03:47
  14. Sonne - 04:05
  15. Ohne dich - 04:30
  16. Mein Land - 03:53
CD 2 (Special & Deluxe edition)
  1. Du riechst so gut '98 (Remix by Faith No More) - 01:58
  2. Du hast (Remix by Jacob Hellner) - 06:42
  3. Stripped (Remix by Johan Edlund) - 04:22
  4. Sonne (Remix by Clawfinger) - 04:09
  5. Links 2-3-4 (Remix by Westbam) - 03:40
  6. Mutter (Remix by Sono) - 07:21
  7. Feuer frei! (Remix by Junkie XL) - 04:10
  8. Mein Teil (Remix by Pet Shop Boys) - 04:04
  9. Amerika (Remix by Olsen Involtini) - 03:15
  10. Ohne dich (Remix by Laibach) - 03:58
  11. Keine Lust (Remix by Black Strobe) - 07:07
  12. Benzin (Remix by Meshuggah) - 05:05
  13. Rosenrot (Remix by Northern Lite) - 04:46
  14. Pussy (Remix by Scooter) - 04:53
  15. Rammlied (Remix by Devin Townsend) - 05:06
  16. Ich tu dir weh (Remix by Fukkk Offf) - 06:08
  17. Haifisch (Remix by Hurts) - 03:45
DVD 1 (Deluxe edition)
  1. Du riechst so gut - 04:02
  2. Making of Du riechst so gut - 09:14
  3. Seemann - 04:15
  4. Making of Seemann - 09:08
  5. Rammstein - 04:29
  6. Making of Rammstein - 09:38
  7. Engel - 04:24
  8. Making of Engel - 09:13
  9. Du hast - 03:54
  10. Making of Du hast - 16:08
  11. Du riechst so gut '98 - 04:23
  12. Making of Du riechst so gut '98 - 07:05
  13. Stripped - 03:55
  14. Making of Stripped - 10:40
  15. Sonne - 03:58
  16. Making of Sonne - 23:05
  17. Links 2-3-4 - 03:34
  18. Making of Links 2-3-4 - 10:23
DVD 2 (Deluxe edition)
  1. Ich will - 04:05
  2. Making of Ich will - 20:05
  3. Mutter - 03:46
  4. Making of Mutter - 08:26
  5. Feuer frei! - 03:08
  6. Making of Feuer frei! - 08:22
  7. Mein Teil - 04:25
  8. Making of Mein Teil - 31:07
  9. Amerika - 04:19
  10. Making of Amerika - 12:00
  11. Ohne dich - 05:40
  12. Making of Ohne dich - 11:29
  13. Keine Lust - 05:59
  14. Making of Keine Lust - 12:32
  15. Benzin - 03:31
  16. Making of Benzin - 14:09
DVD 3 (Deluxe edition)
  1. Rosenrot - 03:58
  2. Making of Rosenrot - 24:49
  3. Mann gegen Mann - 03:48
  4. Making of Mann gegen Mann - 07:24
  5. Pussy - 03:57
  6. Making of Pussy - 19:09
  7. Pussy TV-Teaser - 00:29
  8. Ich tu dir weh - 03:58
  9. Making of Ich tu dir weh - 12:01
  10. Ich tu dir weh TV-Teaser - 02:38
  11. Haifisch - 04:32
  12. Making of Haifisch - 14:42
  13. Mein Land - 04:24
  14. Making of Mein Land - 29:04
  15. Mein Land TV-Teaser - 01:56