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Nightclub / Recording Studio

Active from: 23 February 1952 - 31 December 2010.
Origin: Germany Flag of Germany.svg

Knaack (German: Knaack-Klub) was a nightclub in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, Germany. It opened in 1952 as a youth club and occasional disco. It then developed during the East German era into a live music venue where many notable German bands played regularly. Gentrification of the surrounding area in the late 2000s led to complaints about the club's noise from residents of newly constructed apartment buildings nearby. A court case resulted, placing restrictions on the noise levels, which the owners judged made the club financially untenable, resulting in its closure on 31 December 2010. After efforts to reopen in another district, the club secured new premises in Prenzlauer Berg and announced in February 2013 that they planned to reopen in 2016. Delays due to construction permits pushed these plans back to 2018.


Connection to Rammstein

The former address for Knaack can be found on the artwork for the 2nd 1994 6-Track demo tape because Emanuel Fialik was operating out of the Knaack building before Rammstein's contract with Motor Music started.[1] It is likely that Knaack is the recording studio which Rammstein won a week of recording time at via the Metrobeat Contest, having recorded their 4-Track Demo tape at Wydoks beforehand.

Rammstein have also played a few concerts at the venue; mostly Fanclub concerts.