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Motor Music

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Record Label

Active from: 1994 - Present (reformed in 2005)
CEO Tim Renner
Parent Companies: Independent (1994 - circa 1999)
Universal (circa 1999 - 2005)
Independent (2005 - Present)
Artists: Rammstein
Feeling B

Motor Music (also known as Motor, or Motor Music GmbH) was Rammstein's first label. Motor were responsible for the release of Rammstein's first three albums; Herzeleid, Sehnsucht and Mutter, as well as all of the live albums before and including Lichtspielhaus, and every single before and including Mutter.


Motor Music was formed in Berlin in 1994 by CEO Tim Renner just before his discovery of Rammstein. Until 2004, when Renner left his post as CEO of Universal Music in Germany, Motor Music was a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group - when Renner reformed Motor Music, it became an independent label. While Rammstein left Motor Music after Mutter, Emigrate released their first album, Emigrate, and their first few singles under Motor Music.

As well as once being Rammstein's label, Motor Music also published some of Feeling B's music; specifically, a commercial CD, and a promotional CD for Grün & Blau.

Releases Under Motor Music