New Industries (sampler)

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New Industries is a sampler, released by Rough Trade in 1995.

New Industries
New Industries cover
Released: 1995
Genre: Metal
Label: Dynamica
Format: CD


The sampler includes a demo version of the song Das alte Leid, which is only available on other promotional releases. It is not mentioned anywhere on the release, that the song is a demo. The CD was mastered by Nepenthes Mastering, a mastering company based in Birkenwerder, Germany. A DAT tape was provided to the company with Das alte Leid on it; the recipients of the DAT tape at the mastering company remarked that they disliked the production of the song, but were very pleased with the song itself.

A later version of this CD was released, excluding Das alte Leid completely. Timour Klouche of Nepenthes Mastering claimed that the mastering of the new version was done 'a few days later'.


Standard album
  1. Second Skin - Disintegrating
  2. Coptic Rain - Barefoot
  3. Cubanate - Hatesong
  4. Templebeat - Interzone
  5. Die Krupps - To The Hilt
  6. Think About Mutation - Kerosene
  7. Oomph! - Asshole
  8. Killing Joke - Money Is Not Our God
  9. Rammstein - Das alte Leid (Demo)
  10. Swamp Terrorists - Braintrash
  11. Coptic Rain - Sweethome Under White Clouds
  12. Kreator - Brainseed
  13. D.N.S - A. Leader
  14. Abstinence - Frigid Changes
  15. Second Skin - Bloodpressure
  16. Sandow - NAC
  17. Silence
  18. Sandow - Anschlag