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Olsen Involtini



Member of: Emigrate

Olsen Involtini is a German musician, songwriter and producer.


Olsen Involtini aka Olsen Olic is a real Berlin boy. Maybe that's why he almost exclusively worked as a musician, engineer, producer, arrangeur, mixer and remixer for Berlin artists. But he doesn't know, we don't know and at least it doesn't matter.

Everything started during the 90s when Olsen worked with artists like Lemonbabies, Gum, Bobo in White Wooden Houses and Rammstein. Nowadays he works with Seeed, Bela B. or Peter Fox. Furthermore -in the field of non-Berlin artists- he works with for instance Gentleman, Reamonn or Brothers Keepers. That perfectly reflects Involtini's musical range. Olsen himself is a guitarist and sometimes still works as Bela B.'s Musical Director, for whom he also worked as a songwriter. Rammstein is also a common guest at Involtini's studio in Berlin Kreuzberg. He arranged the strings for the LP's Mutter and Reise, Reise and remixed different singles.