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Reise, Reise is the fourth album by Rammstein. It was released on 27 September 2004.

Reise, Reise
Reise, Reise cover
Studio album by Rammstein
Released: 27 September 2004
Recorded: El Cortijo Studio, Spain,
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Format: Digipak
Length: 47:47
Price: 17.00€[1] - 19.00€[2]
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Stream / Buy: Spotify
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein album chronology
Reise, Reise
Singles from Reise, Reise
  1. Mein Teil (26 July 2004)
  2. Amerika (13 September 2004)
  3. Ohne dich (22 November 2004)
  4. Keine Lust (28 February 2005)


Till: "The bottom line of the story is, that a huge amount of changes take place. With all the individuals, in unity as a band, as a structure. It's all different to how it was before. So many factors have a role to play. You age and become more mature, and have a better understanding of the things that you do."[3]

Schneider: "This record was like a new beginning for me, because prior to it, we had an awful lot of personal differences within the band and it was within the realms of possibility, that we wouldn't stay together for much longer and maybe all just go our own ways. But then we found a really good way we could make it work."[3]

Paul: "To keep going forward, this time we found a different way: we weren't quite as critical. Whenever we had an idea, we incorporated it in pre-production just as it was. We just made the best out of it. Even if someone said "It's a bit over the top", we did it anyway. In the past, we would have just scrapped it. This time around, even weaker songs had a chance. Illness, throat aches, weary legs. Then there were days, where there was a new leg. Leg attached. Then he could walk again and all that was missing was the hat or the jacket. And at some point he was given a jacket and was then the boss. The best song near or far."[3]

Schneider: "As a drummer, I simply refused, to play the same old rhythms and patterns like we did before. I simply tried out some new stuff and on this record, I was able to develop much more and unfold, and free myself from the strict Rammstein regulations of the previous years."[3]

Olli: "Like others go to the factory, we went to the rehearsal room. Maybe we weren't so uptight. This time, everyone should just come when they felt like it, more laid back. Without all the pressure to perform that we often experienced in the past."[3]

Richard: "My job? That for once, I wasn't always exactly aware of what I was doing. Normally, everything was controlled, by me basically. This time around, I could deal a lot better with what I had played. Often, I just came in, without knowing what I would be playing and simply tried some stuff out. That was more creative and was a lot more fun, than reproducing things you already had in your head. It was a whole new experience and that was nice."[3]

Flake: "For the uninitiated, it's a completely normal Rammstein album. But for us, it's something totally different and new. But you can't really convey all of this, if you hadn't done it yourself."[3]

Richard: "First, you can expect a band to develop itself further. You can expect a singer, who has become an absolute singer. You can expect beautiful and dark lyrics, if you understand them that is. You can expect a journey into the unknown, into the dark, evil. Into the wondrous, affection. And despite all of this, you can still expect Rammstein to be Rammstein."[3]

Before its release, a few different tracklists and names for the album were released by different magazines. Most currently-known tracklists are represented in this table:

Reise, Reise[4] Reise, Reise[5] Reise, Reise[6]
01 Hilf mir
02 Keine Lust
03 Amour
04 Nein
05 Ankara
06 Ich bin
07 Holz
08 Rosenrot
09 Absinth
10 Los
11 Ohne dich
01 Reise, Reise
02 Amerika
03 Los
04 Wo bist du
05 Mein Teil
06 Dalai Lama
07 Keine Lust
08 Morgenstern
09 Amour
10 Rosenrot
11 Stein um Stein
01 Reise, Reise
02 Amerika
03 Dalai Lama
04 Keine Lust
05 Morgenstern
06 Stein um Stein
07 Mein Teil
08 Ohne dich
09 Amore
10 Los
11 Moskau


The working titles of the album were Amore, Rosenrot and Rot.[7]

During the recording sessions for this album, the band recorded and finalized 17 songs.[8] Six of them were later released on the album Rosenrot. These were:

  1. Rosenrot [9][10][11][12][13]
  2. Wo bist du [8][14][15][12][13]
  3. Zerstören [12][13]
  4. Hilf mir [9][11][12][13]
  5. Feuer und Wasser [9][12][13]
  6. Ein Lied [13]

Additionally, the following unfinished demo songs were recorded that were later reworked, re-recorded and subsequently released:

  1. Student
  2. Spring Jungle
  3. Spring weiter
  4. Ich bin
  5. Hin und her

Also, these songs were recorded in the demo phase, but have not been officially released to date:

  1. Absinth
  2. Eisenmann
  3. Holz
  4. Sonntag bei Omi



The artwork for this album was designed by Plantage. The cover shows the outside of an aircraft's black box, a small device that records everything that is happening on the plane and is nearly indestructible. When a plane crashes, the black box can be recovered to retrieve the audio file which can then be used to determine what happened on the plane before it crashed.

As a reference to this, there is a hidden track on the album, before "Reise, Reise" on track 0 - it can only be read by CD players that can rewind past track 1. It is a black box recording of the Japanese Airlines Flight 123. During the crash, 520 of 524 passengers were killed. Up to now, it remains the deadliest single-aircraft crash in history.

Promotional fade-out CD

There is a promotional CD which has fade-out songs on it, much like the previous album Mutter, which also had a CD of this kind. Interestingly, some songs on the promotional CD differ from the later released songs on the album. Stein um Stein includes a synth at the beginning, which isn't present on the album. Till's vocals have a different effect applied during the intro lines of Amerika. The choir intro of Morgenstern features a synth in the background, which also isn't present on the album release, and Mein Teil has the single version's extended, spoken intro.

The CD has been protected by XCP, which is a rootkit-like software that installed itself in the background, without any traces to be found. The software protected the CD from being copied by a computer.

Release dates

Date Jewel case Digipack Country
27 Sep 2004 X Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand
27 Sep 2004 X X Austria, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UK
28 Sep 2004 X X Belgium, France
29 Sep 2004 X X Sweden
4 Oct 2004 X Israel
16 Nov 2004 X United States
16 Nov 2004 X X Canada
21 Apr 2005 X X Japan
16 Dec 2009 X Japan



  1. Flugrekorder [hidden track]
  2. Reise, Reise - 04:11
  3. Mein Teil - 04:32
  4. Dalai Lama - 05:38
  5. Keine Lust - 03:43
  6. Los - 04:25
  7. Amerika - 03:46
  8. Moskau - 04:16
  9. Morgenstern - 03:59
  10. Stein um Stein - 03:56
  11. Ohne dich - 04:32
  12. Amour - 04:50
  1. Reise, Reise - 04:11
  2. Mein Teil - 04:32
  3. Dalai Lama - 05:38
  4. Keine Lust - 03:43
  5. Los - 04:25
  6. Amerika - 03:46
  7. Moskau - 04:16
  8. Morgenstern - 03:59
  9. Stein um Stein - 03:56
  10. Ohne dich - 04:32
  11. Amour - 04:50
  1. 1. Reise, Reise - 04:11
    2. Mein Teil - 04:32
    3. Dalai Lama - 05:38
  2. 1. Keine Lust - 03:43
    2. Los - 04:25
    3. Amerika - 03:48
  3. 1. Moskau - 04:16
    2. Morgenstern - 03:59
    3. Stein um Stein - 03:56
  4. 1. Ohne dich - 04:32
    2. Amour - 04:50
Promotional fade-out album

The promotional CD had a different tracklist,
and the song "Amour" was called "Amore"

  1. Reise, Reise - 01:52
  2. Amerika - 02:28
  3. Dalai Lama - 02:56
  4. Keine Lust - 02:28
  5. Morgenstern - 02:14
  6. Stein um Stein - 02:38
  7. Mein Teil - 03:00
  8. Ohne dich - 02:50
  9. Amore - 02:42
  10. Los - 02:30
  11. Moskau - 02:34
Bonus tracks

Japan bonus:

  1. Mein Teil (You Are What You Eat Edit) - 04:07
  2. Amerika (Digital Hardcore Mix) - 03:52

Japanese bonus DVD:

  1. Exclusive footage of Lichtspielhaus - 18:26
    Includes video excerpts, that are not on the Lichtspielhaus DVD
Japanese translation
  1. 旅、旅
  2. 俺の一部
  3. ダライ・ラマ
  4. 何もしたくない
  5. ロース
  6. アメリカ
  7. モスクワ
  8. 明けの明星
  9. ひとつ また ひとつ
  10. 君なしでは


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