Orgasm Death Gimmick 1991-93

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1991 - 93
1991 - 93 cover
Promo by Orgasm Death Gimmick
Released: 199X
Genre: Rock
Label: Left-Zeit
Producer: Orgasm Death Gimmick
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Orgasm Death Gimmick chronology
Tape 3
1991 - 93

This is the fourth demo tape by the band Orgasm Death Gimmick.


The tape was presumably released in 1993, but this is not confirmed. Unlike the previous three tapes, this tape bares coloured artwork, which is presented in a much more manufactured way. It is thought that a professional organization manufactured the tape as a promotional item after making an unknown agreement with the band.

The tape is a compilation of songs from all three previous demo tapes of the band.

Item Prices

The mini-leaflet, showing the prices in DM for a cassette tape, and a T-Shirt.

A miniature leaflet, housed inside of the cassette case tells us that Orgasm Death Gimmick's promotional agency planned to sell cassette tapes for 10 Deutsche Marks, and T-Shirts for 25 Deutsche Marks, indicating a larger amount of planning in to the band's activities than was previously assumed.


  • Dietmar Schmidt - Vocals, Trumpet
  • Sven Kruspe - Guitar
  • Martin Rauer - Bass
  • Sascha Moser - Drums