Reise, Reise Interview Disc 3

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Reise, Reise Interview Disc 3
Reise, Reise Interview Disc 3 cover
Interview by Rammstein
Released: 2004
Genre: Non-Music
Label: Universal
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein interview release chronology
Reise, Reise Interview Disc 2
Reise, Reise Interview Disc 3

Interview Disc 3 is a promotional interview CD released in conjunction with the album Reise, Reise by Rammstein. It was released in 2004 in Europe.


The CD contains 17 answers by Richard Z. Kruspe and Christoph Schneider to corresponding interview questions which are written on the inside of the CD's paper booklet. This CD is one of a set of three interview CDs based around Reise, Reise.


Below are all of the questions asked by the interviewer.[1] The answers can be heard here.

  • 1. What was the atmosphere like in the studio when you were recording the new album?

  • 2. Was it a personal crisis?

  • 3. So was there a different working relationship between the band members this time?

  • 4. Would you say there are any certain musical things you simply can't do within the context of the band?

  • 5. Is this the most varied & adventurous album you've made so far?

  • 6. Schneider, you seem to have approached the drumming in a bit of a different way; would it be fair to say that your style on 'Reise, Reise' is altogether more 'natural'?

  • 7. Speaking of 'developing as a drummer', tell us a bit about 'Keine Lust' ('No Desire')...

  • 8. And 'Dalai Lama'? That seems to veer in a new direction too...

  • 9. Do you think that some of the more diehard fans will be surprised by the diversity of the new album?

  • 10. It's been three years, of course, since the release of your last studio album, so I guess people might expect a bit of a fresh take on things musically...

  • 11. Let's focus on the 'Mein Teil' video for a moment, as it sees the band interpreting the music in a number of different ways. Schneider, have you always wanted to dress up as a woman?!

  • 12. Some of the scenes in the video were shot on the streets of Berlin - did anyone mistake you for a genuine woman?

  • 13. Richard, you're doing battle with yourself in the video - how did you find such an excellent lookalike?

  • 14. Were you a strong wrestler when you were young?

  • 15. One of the remixes of 'Mein Teil' has been done by the Pet Shop Boys. Were you surprised that they were keen to work on a track as heavy as this?

  • 16. 'Mein Teil' can be translated into English in a host of different ways. How do you choose to translate it..?

  • 17. Which part?!

  • 18. And finally, Rammstein isn't really a political band, but is there a particular message that you're keen to put across?