Stahl Daab (song)

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Stahl Daab
Song by Magdalene Keibel Combo
Released: 2016
Length: 02:02

Stahl Daab is the nineteenth song on the compilation Ende vom Lied. The song was recorded by Magdalene Keibel Combo.


In the booklet for the compilation there are the following liner-notes about the song and the band:

"Stahl Daab" is a rather dark product from the Funpunk fraction. Paul and Flake played fulltime in the free madhouse band Feeling B, whose lunacy was legendary. Both musicians were involved in countless projects and bands with absurd names. One of the oddest examples was the freestyle project Frigitte Hodenhorst Mundschenk from BAADER, Flake and Bo Kondren. The latter played with Ornament & Verbrechen for years. The name Magdalene Keibel Combo can be traced back to the name of the Stasi headquarters in the Magdalenenstraße in East Berlin. The Keibelstraße on Alexanderplatz was the location of the notorious police headquarters and detention centre well known to freaks, punters and punks.