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Recording Studio
CEO:Aljoscha Rompe✝ (formerly)
Active from:1990 - Present

Wydoks is a multimedia company based in Berlin, Germany. They provide services in film and music, and have acted as a live venue for a host of different German bands.


Wydoks was founded in 1990 by Aljoscha Rompe. At first it was a bar and later on also a political party. He also built a film and recording studio in the same house.

They made a few movies in the early 90s, some were starring Paul, Flake and Schneider. Von Anfang an - Teil 1 and Die Maske des roten Todes were also edited at the film studio.

Wydoks were pivotal to the recording processes for Orgasm Death Gimmick's first demo tapes, as well as some of Rammstein's first demo recordings[1], of which the 4-Track Demo is speculated.

They also filmed a few early Rammstein concerts, which won't be released currently because the legal situation is very vague.[2]


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