4-Track Demo

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4-Track Demo
4-Track Demo cover
Demo cassette tape by Rammstein
Released: 19 February 1994
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Self-released
Producer: Self-produced
Rammstein demo release chronology
4-Track Demo
5-Track Demo



  • This demo was recorded while Rammstein were still called Tempelprayers.
  • This demo tape was presented at the Metrobeat Contest and the band won a one-week recording session in a studio.
  • First demos ever recorded. All songs were sung in English.


  • Wydoks claim on their website that Rammstein's first demos were recorded in the Wydoks studio.[1]


The tracklist is completely unknown. Only the existence of White Flesh is known.[2] But it's still not known if the song was also on this tape.