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Album by Feeling B
Feeling B album chronology
Die Maske des roten Todes Atlantis

Atlantis is an unreleased album by Feeling B.


Most of the music on the album was written by Paul and Schneider. During the writing process, Flake came in occasionally to contribute a few parts. This was also the first time that the band used computers and loops. During that time, Aljoscha was in Egypt. Paul, Schneider and Flake finished writing all songs, including some lyrics. When Aljoscha came back, he didn't like what he heard and refused to write lyrics to the rest of the songs. Flake was able to get him to try to write lyrics to one song, which Aljoscha drunkenly said to become the "Flimmersong". But lyrics were never finished. In the end, the band felt that Aljoscha wanted to stay on the punk rock route, while the rest of the band wanted to try something new.

Even though a studio was booked, a sound engineer was present and the Bolschewistische Kurkapelle made time for recordings, the album was never recorded in the studio. Except for the demo tape Atlantis Demos, no songs from that session have ever been released.


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