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CDLabs Logo.png

CDr / DVDr Duplication Service

Active from: 1997 - Present[1]
Origin: Russia Flag of Russia.svg

CDLabs is a Russian CDr / DVDr duplication service.

Connection to Rammstein

CDLabs were commissioned by the Harley Davidson company (Russian division) to produce Schtiel CDs for the Harley Party in 2003. Since CDLabs were (and still are) a duplication service, and not an actual CD manufacturer, CDLabs outsourced production to ООО "Астико-Центр", who were a legitimate CD pressing plant. This is why both " / Schtiel" and "ООО "Астико-Центр"" are found on the back of all Schtiel CDs. After pressing the CDs, ООО "Астико-Центр" sent them to CDLabs, who then sent them in turn to the customers at Harley Davidson.