Skills in Pills (album)

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Skills in Pills is the debut album by Lindemann. It was released on 19 June 2015.

Skills in Pills
Skills in Pills cover
Studio album by Lindemann
Released: 19 June 2015
8 July 2015 (Japan)
Recorded: Abyss Studio, Pärlby, Sweden
Genre: Industrial
Label: Warner Music
Format: CD
Length: 45:06
Producer: Peter Tägtgren
Stream / Buy: Apple Music
Lindemann album chronology
Skills in Pills
F & M
Singles from Skills in Pills
  1. Praise Abort (29 May 2015)
  2. Fish On (9 October 2015)
Super deluxe/Vinyl cover



The recording took place in 2013/14 in the Abyss Studios in Pärlby, Sweden. The record started out as a simple fun project with no real intentions. The first idea was to keep everything secret and maybe release something. Till asked Peter to release one song on the internet to see how people would react to it. Peter declined that idea and both kept on working. After having three songs done Peter had the idea to release an EP. After all songs for the EP were made Peter wanted to create a full album.

Peter played all the instruments and created and produced all the songs by himself. Till wrote all the lyrics for the album. After a while, both realized they needed a man to produce the choir and orchestra arrangements. So they asked Clemens Wijers to do that job.

During the recording, both finished 12 songs in total. 10 of which are on the standard album, 11 on the special edition. The last song, G-Spot Michael, was released as a b-side for the single Fish On.


The album was released in five different versions:

  • Standard edition: CD in a 2-panel digipak and a 28 pages booklet.
  • Special edition: CD in a Blu-ray-sized packaging, bonus track, 28 pages booklet.
  • Super Deluxe edition: CD in a large-sized book, bonus track, 80 pages, telescope carton.
  • 12" vinyl edition: Album plus bonus track, download code (299kbps mp3 files).
  • Digital edition: Standard album, bonus track

Album Artwork

  • The album artwork was created by Rocket & Wink.[1]
  • The band photos for the artwork were done by Heilemania.[2]


Hunt in Berlin

On 8 June 2015, a small hunt was made available in Berlin. People had to find a place somewhere in Berlin, where the album would be hidden. The only hint where that place was, was a photo on Facebook. People had to meet at the Bethanien Kunstraum in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where more instructions followed. At 13:00 (German time) they were told they had to destroy a pig-piñata. When the piñata broke, a small pig fell out. The person who got the little pig was the lucky winner of all versions of the album (standard, special, super deluxe and LP).

Song downloads

The instrumental version of Skills in Pills was available for download via a newsletter. On 12 June the title track was made available on iTunes.


Standard album
  1. Skills in Pills - 04:13
  2. Ladyboy - 03:19
  3. Fat - 04:11
  4. Fish On - 04:10
  5. Children of the Sun - 03:34
  6. Home Sweet Home - 03:43
  7. Cowboy - 03:09
  8. Golden Shower - 04:22
  9. Yukon - 04:39
  10. Praise Abort - 04:42
  1. 1. Skills in Pills - 04:13
    2. Ladyboy - 03:19
    3. Fat - 04:11
    4. Fish On - 04:10
    5. Children of the Sun - 03:34
  2. 1. Home Sweet Home - 03:43
    2. Cowboy - 03:09
    3. Golden Shower - 04:22
    4. Yukon - 04:39
    5. Praise Abort - 04:42
    6. That's My Heart - 04:37
Bonus tracks

Limited / Japanese edition:

  1. That's My Heart - 04:37