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Live is a live album by the band Feeling B. The exact release date or year is unknown.

Live cover
Live album by Feeling B
Released: 199?
Genre: Punk


The recording date of the album is unknown. The album includes the song Ich such die DDR, which is about searching for the GDR. The GDR was made a part of Germany on 3 October 1990. The song itself was released on the album Wir kriegen euch alle in 1991. But it could very well have been an older song. So recording and release must've taken place in either 1990 or 1991.

The tracklist has a typo: it shows the song Wieder keine Zeit, but actually only Keine Zeit was played. Also only the first 13 songs are live. Slamersong and Anleitung are the audio of a TV appearance during which the band played the song and explains how it works, which can be seen on the VHS Von Anfang an - Teil 1. Erich Mielke is the politician talking. DDR Nationalhymne is an orchestral recording of the GDR's national hymn.



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