Rammstein Computerspiel für Windows

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Rammstein Computerspiel für Windows is the first video game by Rammstein.

Rammstein Computerspiel für Windows
Released:23 November 1997
(Das Modell)
Format:PC (Windows)



The plot of the game is extremely vague. The player is in the shoes of an unknown man wearing a white mask (potentially a reference to Du hast.)


  • The game itself is split across three levels, all also divided in to three separate platforms each. The first is a subterranean cavern, populated with water monsters and apache helicopters.
  • The second is a concert venue, populated with cockroaches, flying robots and floating sex dolls.
  • The third level is the beach from the artwork of Sehnsucht. This level is populated by an aggressive clone of the player, sea urchins, falling barrels of toxic chemicals, and a monster disguised as a flirtatious woman.


Per-level, two of the band members' faces from the artwork of the Sehnsucht album appear. In addition to using a flamethrower to kill the aggressive monsters in the game, the player must also activate these floating faces by shooting them; this allows passage in to the other levels. The player is constantly moving left; when the player reaches the far-left of the screen, they will progress to the next highest platform (or the next level, if they are already on the highest platform of the level). At the end of the game is a black screen, featuring a scoreboard, the Motor Music logo, a screenshot from the game, and the producer's copyright note.


All that is known about the development of this game is that Oliver Czok was its producer, and that it was made specifically for Motor Music.


The game was released on the Das Modell single as a data track on 23 November 1997. It was only included in retail copies of the single; promotional copies lacked the game entirely.