Reise, Reise Interview Disc 1

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Reise, Reise Interview Disc 1
Reise, Reise Interview Disc 1 cover
Interview by Rammstein
Released: 2004
Genre: Non-Music
Label: Universal
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Reise, Reise Interview Disc 1
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Interview Disc 1 is a promotional interview CD released in conjunction with the album Reise, Reise by Rammstein. It was released in 2004 in Europe.


The CD contains 17 answers by Till Lindemann and Flake to corresponding interview questions which are written on the inside of the CD's paper booklet. This CD is one of a set of three interview CDs based around Reise, Reise.


Below are all of the questions asked by the interviewer.[1] The answers can be heard here.

  • 1. The video for the first single "Mein Teil" was directed by Zoran Bihac, who also worked with you on the "Links 2 3 4" clip; where did the idea for the treatment come from?

  • 2. Can you explain a bit about the personas you adopt in the video? Flake?

  • 3. Is it true that one of the other treatments considered for the "Mein Teil" video had the band playing the part of cannibals?

  • 4. Was it hard to find a suitable treatment for "Mein Teil" because the subject matter, although true, is just so gruesome & potentially controversial?

  • 5. The general reaction to "Mein Teil" as a song has been very positive, and yet it's probably the heaviest, nastiest track on the new album. Were you surprised when it was chosen as the lead single?

  • 6. Let's talk briefly about a couple of the other tracks - "Amerika" for example; it's a very catchy song with a lyric that will definitely raise some smiles, but is there a serious point being made here as well?

  • 7. "Amerika" is the only track on the album containing English words & phrases; did you record a version with all of the lyrics in English? Till?

  • 8. And "Morgenstern" - what's the story here?

  • 9. Till, how do you come up with the lyrics? Do you like to hear the music first?

  • 10. So are you always writing down words & poems & phrases, keeping them in reserve until you need them in the studio?

  • 11. Till, your vocal performance on the new album seems to have moved to a higher level still - were you aware of this at the time?

  • 12. When you're laying down vocals, do you need a certain kind of atmosphere in the studio? Candlelight? Darkness? What works best for you?

  • 13. Let's talk about non-studio stuff for a moment; presumably, you're now fully occupied with promo trips and sorting out the stageshow for your tour in November...

  • 14. Till, are you thinking of new ways to set yourself on fire during the live show?!

  • 15. Is it true that one special effect on the "Mutter" tour was so realistic that you had to drop it from the show because it was too disturbing for the audience?

  • 16. Till, do you enjoy the feel of the flames? Has it become a bit of an addiction?

  • 17. The title of the single, "Mein Teil" can be translated into English in a number of different ways; which is your favourite?