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Computer Monitor Manufacturer

RoverScan were a Russian computer monitor manufacturer and distributor. Many details about the company are unknown, but it is known that the company went defunct.

Connection to Rammstein

After the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary event in Moscow, 2003, excess copies of Schtiel (an off-label single by Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe made specifically for the party were given to RoverScan (presumably by the event organizers). The nature of this arrangement is unknown, but 100-500 copies of the CD were given to the company, which then proceeded to give them away through a competition.

RoverScan Competition

Between 11 June and 15 July 2003, the company held a quiz competition on their website.[1] Through this competition, competitors could win one of the 100-500 CDs by answering the quiz entirely correctly. There were four stages to the competition.[2]

Schtiel Quantity Discrepancy

There are mixed claims by the company, which claimed that 400 or 500 copies were available to win, while also claiming that 100 copies were available.[3] A Russian source which won the CD also claims that the number was 100 units.[4] Nevertheless, these CDs are official, as they are the exact same CDs released at the Harley Party.