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Space Race (song)

From RammWiki
Space Race
Song by Feeling B from the album Die Maske des roten Todes
GEMA database:3134417-001
German Democratic Republic
Released:3 May 1993
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Die Maske des roten Todes tracklist
  1. Vorwort
  2. Heiduckentanz
  3. Rumba Rumba
  4. Mystisches Mysterium
  5. Rotta
  6. Traubentritt
  7. Hammersong
  8. Tod des Florio
  9. Die Pest
  10. Cantigas
  11. Veris Ducis
  12. Rumba Rai
  13. Ankunft der Gesandten
  14. Stockkampf
  15. Nachwort
  16. Space Race

Space Race is the sixteenth song on the CD version of the album Die Maske des roten Todes by Feeling B.


  • The original version has a length of 30:56, for the Grün & Blau compilation it was shortened to 07:14.
  • The tracks Vorwort and Nachwort are used throughout the Grün & Blau version.
  • Flake played the song in his radio show Die Sendung on 11 December 2018 in the episode Instrumentals. He played a roughly 7 minute excerpt of the original version of the song. [1]



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Space Race Die Maske des roten Todes 30:56 1993 3 May 1993 Instrumental
Spacerace Grün & Blau 07:14 1993 16.11.2007 Remastered
Using Vorwort and Nachwort throughout the song




Type Description First played Last played

Professional recordings

Type Description First played Last played



  1. Die Sendung mp3 download, song starts at 1:43:09