Yukon (book)

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Yukon (full title: Yukon: Mein gehasster Freund) is a book by Till Lindemann and Joey Kelly. It was released on 5 October 2017.


Joey Kelly and Till Lindemann sail in a narrow canoe on the Yukon through Alaska and defy the rough nature. Nearby to a close friendship. The magnificent landscape photos by Thomas Stachelhaus show the original adventure on a grim, cold river. With 24 poems and text fragments by Till Lindemann.


Page Chapter
1 Das Leben spannt kein Seil
5 Warum?
23 Ich und du
25-31 Gegen den Strom
32 Till Lindemann
33 Joey Kelly
43 Sternchen
58 Ich brauch dich nicht
61 Mein gehasster Freund
63 Traurig
69 Ferien
102 Zeit
108 Krank
117 Ganz fein
120 Weniger ist leer
121 Hunger
134 Der Fluss
142 Warum scheint die Sonne weiter
143 Glück
153 Sehnsucht
158 Einsam
163 Stirbt jeden Tag
168 Schöner Fluss
171-181 Yukon River
187 Darum
188-189 Yukon


  • The poem Sehnsucht was previously featured in the Rammstein book by Gert Hof.
  • The poems Ferien and Glück were previously released in the book Die Gedichte.
  • Also the poem Einsam shows a strong resemblance to the lyrics of Hilf mir.


The book will be released in two different versions:

  • Standard edition: 192 pages, approx. 120 illustrations, 37cm x 29cm Hardcover
  • Limited edition: The book comes in a black box, including a hand-signed certificate of authenticity, three exclusive hand-signed prints designed by Stefan Heilemann, limited to 500 copies